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Create a Custom Cover Template

How to make a template for a replacement Hot Tub Cover
for an odd-shaped hot tub or one with raised speakers

Supplies Needed

Sheet of Plastic illustration

Clear sheet of plastic (4-6mil recommended)

Sheet of Plastic illustration

Sharpie or medium-thick black marker

Sheet of Plastic illustration

Large envelope or package with postage

To achieve the perfect fit for your custom-shaped hot tub or tub with speakers, follow the steps below:

Obtain a clear sheet of plastic (like a crop sheet or clear shower curtain) and lay it over your old hot tub cover. Have two friends help you hold it tightly in place.
Take a black Sharpie or other permanent black marker and trace the outer edge all the way around the perimeter of the Styrofoam inside your old hot tub cover. See red dotted lines in the diagrams.
Mark on the plastic where you would like the 2 handles & 4 straps to be placed, as well as the length of the cover skirt. Standard skirt length is 4 inches. You may also request 2 standard additional handles for no extra charge.
See blue lines and red handles marked in the diagrams as an example.
Mark where you want the cover to fold.
If your cover has speakers, trace the inside of the speakers (the hard Styrofoam part of your cover).
On the top of the plastic template - write your name, address, email and phone number(s) and mail to:

Hot Tub Covers Canada
6060 Burnside Ct #3
Mississauga, ON
L5T 2T5, Canada
Have further questions about your template?
Give us a call at 1.877.544.COVER

Once we receive your cover template we will call you to confirm details listed and build your order. This is the best way to guarantee a perfect fitting hot tub cover every time!

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