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Saltwater Chlorine Generators

MegaChlor DO (Drape Over) Swim Spa and Small Pool Chlorine Generator illustration

MegaChlor DO Drape Over is a chlorine generator designed for swim spas and small swimming pools holding up to 17,000 gallons of water.

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SmarterSpa DO (Drape-over) Hot Tub Saltwater System illustration

SmarterSpa is the only saltwater chlorine generator with chlorine detection built into the electrode. It knows when to turn on. When it turns off, it will stay off until chlorine production is needed again based on the chlorine measurement. Eliminate the guesswork.

SmarterSpa DO+ (Drape-over) Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion System illustration

New version of SmarterSpa includes Chlorine Detection Technology PLUS a FREE app for controlling your unit from anywhere with your Smartphone or Tablet!

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